“Grounded in our Beliefs…Progressive in our Methods”

Creation: God created humanity to be in loving relationship with Him, ultimately through a Savior.

Scripture: God’s Word, the Bible, guides people to Himself and is the final standard of Truth.

Sovereignty: God has a good and sovereign plan encompassing all events, people, and spiritual beings.

Rebellion: God regards all people as disobedient, rebellious, separated from Him, and needing His forgiveness.

Jesus: God’s Son, Jesus, came to earth, was fully God and fully Man, lived perfectly, died on a cross, rose from the dead, and ascended to heaven.

Judgment: God the Son will come again to bring the end of this world and eternal judgment.

Salvation: God’s Son died to accomplish the forgiveness of sin and rose from the dead to accomplish the infilling of new life, applied by faith.

Grace: God rescues people from death into life based on His initiative and grace.

Spirit: God’s Spirit fills all who believe with daily strength, spiritual gifts, and enduring faith.

Church: God intends for His Church to gather for worship, maintain purity, and spread the Gospel.

Union: God has given Baptism and the Lord’s Supper to express a believer’s union with Christ and spiritual transformation.

Family: God values the family unit and organizes His Church to reflect this model, both relationally and structurally.

Leadership: God designs and equips all Christians for ministry and some to lead in the Church as elders and deacons.

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